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Subdivision / Torrens Title Subdivision & Community Title Subdivision
Subdivision / Torrens Title Subdivision & Community Title Subdivision

If you are looking to subdivide your land the following issues will need to be considered:
  • Land size and area
  • The zoning of the subject land
  • Bushfire risk
  • Geotechnical issues including slip and subsidence
  • Flooding
  • Vegetation and trees
  • Fill
  • Acid sulphate soils
  • Soil contamination
  • Site topography
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Utility services i.e Water, Power, Sewer and Phone to name a few.
  • What type of subdivision is most suited for the proposed development, be it a standard torrens subdivision, community or strata subdivision

The first step will be for the surveyor to obtain a S149 planning certificate from council which will detail many if any of the above issues relate to the subject land. This will also detail which LEP and DCP’s control development in your LGA.

A site analysis survey would then be carried out and a proposed subdivision pattern overlayed.

Appropriate reports would be prepared by arborists, geotechnical and bushfire consultants if required.

A civil design plan is then prepared by an engineer detailing proposed accessways, stormwater drainage, on site detention and proposed soil and sediment control measures and may also prepare a flood study if required.

Once this has been finalised a Statement of Environmental Effects is prepared and combined with the consultants reports and the proposed subdivision plan and lodged with council as a Development Application

Once approved the following is required prior to commencement of works.

  • Utility Authority applications / Notice of requirements
  • Construction certificate application for civil works

Civil contracts are then put to tender and an appropriate civil contractor appointed to undertake the construction works.

The surveyor will then carry out the following:
  • Construction setout
  • Preparation of the subdivision plan and preparation of a draft 88b instrument creating any required easements, rights of carriageway, restrictions or road / public reserve dedications.
  • Work as executed survey of completed civil works
  • Lodgment of plans at council for endorsement of subdivision certificate
  • Lodgment of subdivision plan at LPI for registration of titles

JRK has a vast amount of experience in preparing development applications and subdivision plans and can provide advice on the best way forward with your proposed subdivision.
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